At J.M. Lummis & Company, Inc. our reputation is on the line every time we complete a transaction. You and your firm can be assured that we will use every effort, our best effort, to facilitate a transaction. With a global network of contacts, we explore every possibility to create opportunities for our customers.

Lummis focuses on a broad range of securities that mature anywhere from overnight to one year. We broker domestic and foreign as well as fixed and floating rate issues.
Time Deposits
Certificates of Deposit
Commercial Paper
Federal Funds
Bankers' Acceptance
Bank Notes
Domestic and Foreign Issues
Overnight to One Year Maturities
Fixed and Floating Rate Issues
Investment Advisors
  Money Market Funds
 Short-term Investment Funds
 Separately Managed Accounts
 Securities Lending Portfolios
  Cash Portfolios
Pension Funds
Securities Dealers
Insurance Companies
Credit Unions
Government Agencies
"Strong relationships with our customers, and a commitment to each of them, are the unique qualities which distinguish our firm."
- David Lummis, President
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